Southwest Church Planting Network

Southwest Church Planting Network

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Helping us Grow

Our vision is to see each mission church be strategically planted so that it not only matures into a growing church, but it can also be a church-planting church. Due to our limited resources, we are unable at this time to reach every community where there is a need. If you see a need for a reformed church in your community, please contact us so that we can assess the situation.

Most new plants begin with a core group of like-minded believers who join for prayer and Bible study, and who will make welcome those who come to the initial worship services.


Our hope is that all of our new churches are outward facing churches that are active in outreach and evangelism. If you know of someone in one of the communities where we have a church or if you know of a student attending a college or university where we have an RUF campus minister and they do not have a church home, please contact the pastor or campus minister or you may contact us directly.